No Fear of an Indo-Pak War

23 October 2016

Today is awesome, isn’t it guys? India won against New Zealand, Ae Dil Hai Mushkil will soon release in the theatres and – how come nobody realized this before – we need not be afraid of an Indo-Pak war after all.

How can I be so sure? Well, you ought to ask me how can I be so D E A D sure?

It’s been over a month since the Uri attack and the frenzy of opinions, accusations and cross-accusations has quietly died down. The media has had its say, the ruling party did its best to scare us and the opposition parties are most probably tired of pressurizing the government to release proof of the surgical strikes or, the two have struck a deal.

What the events of the past month has taught me is:

  • The ruling party has politicized an issue that should have been top secret.
  • The opposition, by baying for release of ‘proof’, has neither got the proof nor able to provide viable evidence that the strikes were a hoax.

I cannot depend on either of them. And frankly, I don’t give a damn about any of them.

  • Round One: India managed to isolate Pak through the SAARC summit.
  • Round Two: Russia and China tacitly supported Pakistan at BRICS.

Foreigners  will not solve our problems. So let us stick to trade deals and make more money. We will find our own solutions to our problems. No use spending money on lobbying for failure.

  • Indians are easily divided, and Facebook and Twitter are the new Kurukshetra for Social Media Tigers.

A waste of time and precious energy. No one has benefitted from these social media wars. Social media cannot save us from an invading army and they cannot stop the black sheep of the country from committing misdeeds.

  • Pakistani artistes were banned by Indians from performing in India.
  • Indian movies and TV were banned by Pakistan.

Now it doesn’t make any difference to me. Pakistani artistes have refused to speak up for India. They have not hidden with whom their loyalties lie. Certainly not with India. So no tears for them.

I have nothing to lose if Pakistan bans Indian entertainment. The world is our market and income from one territory is not going to make our $2 billion film industry poor (ditto for the producers. They will still  buy their Jaguars and their Lamborghinis).

  • The Kashmiris have been silenced, it remains to be seen whether it is temporary or long-lasting (give or take a few weeks).

Politicians from both India and Pakistan know that India will never give up Kashmir and also that Pakistan cannot blatantly invade Kashmir and get away with it. Read: Pakistan will continue its proxy war and the stalemate will continue, possibly forever.

So by and large the element of drama has been completely exhausted by India and Pakistan, their media and their peoples.

Only one entity has come out unscathed, and that is the Indian Army.

By quietly asserting that they have struck inside Pakistan and leaving the decision of whether or not to make the videos/photographs public on the government, the Indian Army has shown a dignified respect to democracy (where all politicians failed).

By refusing to accept donations from held-to-ransom film producers , the Indian Army has shown that it is not greedy for money and will not be tempted by ill-gotten funds, courtesy opportunistic politicians.

To come back to my statement, we need not fear an Indo-Pak war. Not because it will never happen – it might – or might not. But I do not fear it because I am confident that our army will protect us.

It does not matter who is ruling at the centre, what X parliamentarian is saying or whom Y politician is bullying.

Our army will perform its functions without fear or favour.

I do not fear anyone – neither the right-wingers or the left-wingers, not the left-of-centre nor the right-of-centre. I do not belong to any group or any party. I am a citizen of India and I want my country to prosper, to be safe and secure, to work towards upliftment of everyone in general.

I don’t believe our politicians, I believe in our army.

Jai Hind.


लेखक: nileshginamdar

Film buff, bookworm, writer & blogger.

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