Confessions of a gori writer groupie: Unbound edition

Jean Spraker says it like no one could.

Jean Spraker

Today, I will publish my first short story in Unbound, the hottest, newest Indian literary emagazine. The magazine is the brainchild of Neil D’Silva and Varun Prabhu of Pen, Paper, Coffee. Unbound emagazine offers up-and-coming writers a space to explore their creative boundaries. The stories were written by the members of a Facebook writing group called For Writers, By Authors. Although the group is primarily Indian, FWBA has an international scope and reach.

As one of the contributors, I have been a member of a group chat this week that was nothing short of amazing team building and absolutely brilliant. Whatstruck me most profoundly was how much democracy played into the creative process for this group. It seems apt for a magazine making its debut on India’s Independence Day Weekend.

Indian writers have taught me so much about myself and their culture. Every book I read communicates some lesson…

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